Custom BBQ Concession Trailers For Sale from Trailer Factory

Get Cooking with BBQ Concession Trailers Built in the USA To Your Specifications!

bbq trailers, bbq concession trailers, custom bbq trailers for saleTrailer Factory has built hundreds of BBQ concession trailers for customers around the country. Looking for a BBQ trailer that is out of the ordinary? A custom BBQ trailer that is built specifically for you – to meet YOUR needs?  Trailer Factory has many years working with buyers to create the perfect solution to fit their individual specs and needs.

We also offer a huge variety of trucks and trailers already built and ready for delivery.  Check out our finished BBQ trailers below or simply provide us your specifications for a free quote. All of the BBQ concession trailers shown below can be manufactured at any sizes, shape, or colors you want, featuring the options you need – ensuring it meet your goals!


8.6X20 BBQ Trailer$BBQ CONCESSION 14
8.6X22 BBQ Trailer$BBQ CONCESSION 16
8.6X26 BBQ Trailer$BBQ CONCESSION 20
8.6X30 BBQ Trailer$BBQ CONCESSION 24
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